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Mrs. Fitzgerald’s Sixth Grade Class

Last month I had the privilege of visiting with Mrs. Kathryn Fitzgerald’s Sixth Grade class at Windermere Intermediate School to discuss my novel, Ruby in the Sky. Mrs. Fitzgerald had just finished reading the novel to the class as the spring read-aloud so it was a fantastic opportunity to hear their thoughts and recommendations. The students asked excellent questions. We discussed the writing and revising process and I showed them some of the hands-on tools I used to revise. They also provided me with excellent suggestions on those small details that make for an authentic sixth-grade voice — after all, they are the experts!

It was such an incredible experience for me to have my target audience provide such insightful feedback!

Reading a student’s work-in-progress.

I even got a chance to read some of their work!

Thank you, again to Mrs. Fitzgerald and the entire class. I am so lucky to have had this amazing opportunity!

me and sophia in fitgerald class

Me with my Google Slides Expert, Sophia.

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